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Blossoms will run away -
Cakes reign but a Day.
But Memory like Melody,
Is pink eternally
(Emily Dickinson)

Dr. Dolittle

Here is a song from the wonderful movie "Doctor Dolittle" performed by the "little giant" Sammy Davis, Jr.
Anthony Newley mentioned that Sammy was the first person he actually played the Dolittle score for while he was staying at the home of Sam during one of his visits to the States in 1966. Upon hearing it, Sammy told him he liked it so much he promised to record it. Sammy's New York hometown protégé Bobby Darin must have also been quite impressed, because he later recorded his own version of Dolittle with the help of arranger Roger Kellaway. Darin's is a very nice set too, but this one by Sammy is definitive! Enjoy!

At the crossroads of life

(See also Samantha Eggar's version, in Great Actresses.)

2 other songs from the same movie (part of a tribute to Lionel Bart):
After today

Talk to the animals

This same song (Talk to the animals) by Bobby Darin, by the glamorous Vanda King, by the Lennon sisters, by Roger Moore (on the Muppet Show), by Cliff Richard and as the theme from the Depatie-Freleng cartoon.

Where are the words by the Lennon sisters.

And two songs from the movie by the great Anthony Newley:

After today

Beautiful things

Finally the trailer!

Listen to 2 other great songs performed by Sammy Davis, Jr. in my tributes to Tippi Hedren and Elizabeth Taylor (in the section Great Actresses) and one more by Nancy Sinatra in my tribute to Paul Newman (in the section Great Actors)!

Here is a Swedish version of Doctor Dolittle, and the song At the crossroads by Siw Malmqvist.

A Finnish version of When I look in your eyes and At the crossroads by Kristina Hautala.

And an uncommon French adaptation by Marcel Amont of 4 Doctor Dolittle songs.

Mon frère le docteur Dolittle

Parler aux animaux

Quand je lis dans tes yeux

Docteur Dolittle

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